Second 'You're No Dummy' ad campaign launched

By Holly Jessen | September 10, 2013

Growth Energy is in the midst of a multi-week, multi-million advertising blitz, fighting back against the misinformation crusade waged by Big Oil. On Sept. 9, the group released the second in a series of ads, as part of its “You’re No Dummy” campaign.

The ad came out the same week as Growth Energy’s fourth annual advocacy conference in Washington, D.C., during which more than 100 members are on Capitol Hill, meeting with members of congress, key committee members and administration officials, such as with the U.S. EPA and USDA. It was announced during a media teleconference featuring Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis and Growth Energy Board of Directors co-chairman retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Jeff Broin. “Our group is hitting the Hill at a critical time because the prospect of yet another spike in international oil prices because continued strife in the Middle East is at the forefront in everyone’s mind,” Clark said.

The ads will run nationally on such major cable networks, including FOX, CNN, MSNBC and RFD-TV, as well as in local markets, Broin said. They can also be viewed at the website,

The first ad came out Aug. 26 and tackled some the reasons the oil industry doesn’t want to blend more renewable fuels.  The second ad looks at the renewable fuel standard (RFS).

The RFS is critical for U.S. prosperity and national security, Broin said, outlining some of the many significant benefits, including job creation, boosting rural economies and advancing the cellulosic ethanol industry. The petroleum industry’s real issue with the RFS is that it cuts into their market share and profits. “Big oil does not care about consumers,” he said. “It wants to eliminate competition.”

In fact, in the last two years, oil companies have profited between 50 cents to $2 on every gallon of gasoline sold. That’s billions of dollars. If there were a true competitor to oil, the consumer could potentially save 40 to 90 cents a gallon. “By attempting to change the RFS, basically, the oil companies are trying to use the government to stop competition in the marketplace so they can keep fleecing American consumers,” he said. “I don’t think that consumers understand the goal of this campaign is to stop competition so that consumers pay more.”

Clark listed multiple oil spikes over the last 40 years, including the Gulf War, the Libya and Afghanistan crises and more. These price spikes hurt the American people, not the Oil industry. “Oil likes it when prices spike,” he said. “It’s no wonder that Big Oil continues to block access to homegrown renewable fuels.”

The simple fact is, the more renewable fuel used, the less petroleum is needed. Big Oil is doing everything it can to protect its profits and maintain its monopoly, even though it’s at a cost to national security and American soldiers. “It’s imperative that we diversity our energy supply with clean, homegrown alternatives, like ethanol, to reduce America’s dangerous dependence on foreign oil,” he said, adding that the RFS helps the U.S. reach for that goal. 

The ethanol industry wants to face this debate on the facts, Buis said. Although the oil industry is spreading misinformation that makes ethanol look bad, when an honest look at what is better for America, the economy, national security and the environment, ethanol wins. “That’s why we are pushing back on the You’re No Dummy ads, that’s why we’ve doubled down on all of our efforts of getting people in our industry and allied industries, engaged in this debate and hopefully, I think at the end of the day, we win this debate,” he said.