Ad campaign aims to recruit speakers against RFS proposal

By Chris Hanson | December 05, 2013

Americans United for Change launched an advertising campaign to urge farmers, ethanol industry workers, related industries and American consumers to voice their concerns on the U.S. EPA’s renewable fuel standard proposal.

The campaign, which directs viewers to, will be used to recruit fellow Americans who will communicate their views of renewable fuels and the RFS to national leaders. “The industry that brought us the Gulf oil spill loves the new RFS rules as it stands and would love nothing more than to keep rural America quiet until the ink is dry. That’s why it’s incredibly important that Americans in the heartland make their voices heard, because the strength in number of those who benefit from the RFS can beat Big Oil’s deep pockets,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of AUFC. “If this misguided EPA rule is made permanent, the ripple effect cannot be overstated.”

If the proposed changes are implemented, the rural economic growth will be damaged along with job creation, low-cost fuel production and environmental progress, Woodhouse said. “Big Oil knows if they’re successful at eliminating their cheaper, cleaner competition, then anything goes when it comes to prices at the pump,” he said. “Even if it means sending more of our troops and money and jobs overseas.”