Growth Energy marks fifth anniversary of Green Jobs Waiver

By Holly Jessen | March 06, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy highlighted the fact that March 6 is the five-year anniversary of when the organization filed the Green Jobs Waiver with the U.S. EPA, seeking commercial-use approval for E15.

“We recognized five years ago that increased blends, such as E15 would be necessary to reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil and create jobs right here at home all while providing consumers with a choice and savings at the pump,” said Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy. “Additionally, for the biofuels industry to grow, higher blends in the commercial marketplace are necessary to foster development and innovation in next generation fuels.”

Growth Energy looked back on the effort as a success, despite many challenges from Big Oil and other special interest groups. “We have faced every possible legal, regulatory and PR hurdle our opponents could throw at us, but our industry and members have been resilient,” he said.

Today, E15 is sold in 14 states. Retailers that offer E15 provide consumers with fuel choice and savings at the fuel pump. “Additionally, these retailers are also recognizing the economic benefits of offering a less expensive, home-grown, high performance fuel,” he said. “Furthermore, all of NASCAR now runs on a 15 percent blend of ethanol and has completed more than five million miles of grueling racing and demanding driving situations, noting an increase in performance and horsepower.”

The 15 percent ethanol fuel blend is the most tested fuel in our nation’s history, he added. A total of 86 vehicles were tested over more than 6 million miles with no engine problems or issues with durability. “One thing is clear,” he said. “E15 is a safe, reliable fuel that more and more Americans are choosing.”