Biofuel PR launched to help tell America's biofuel story

By Biofuel PR | March 28, 2014

Veteran biofuel experts Joshua Morby and Joanna Schroeder have launched Biofuel PR in response to the ethanol industry’s call for assistance in helping tell Americans the story about biofuels. The new communications firm, the first and only of its kind dedicated to the biofuels industry, brings together expertise from two decades of experience working with ethanol trade associations, key stakeholders and legislators to offer the biofuel industry a new communications solution.

“There are a number of effective national trade and industry organizations that are doing a great job developing messaging, framing the issues and providing content,” said Joshua Morby, a partner at Biofuel PR. “The challenge that exists is the missing link at the local level. There’s no argument about the need for activity in communities across the country.  The issue has always been who at the biofuels plant is tasked with telling the local story. That’s where we come in.”

Leveraging the work of biofuels associations, companies and others with a stake in the biofuels industry, Biofuel PR will aid biofuel plants and companies selling products within the industry to customize and extend these positive messages to their local communities. The firm will also assist biorefineries to become a stronger voice in the national conversation.

“We have had several ethanol plants and companies who have contacted us to help them enter and expand the reach of their personal biofuel success stories,” said Joanna Schroeder, a partner at Biofuel PR. “The role of a biorefinery is to produce renewable, cost competitive biofuels and byproducts - not to be communication experts. Our unique firm is able to serve in this role and take the lead on telling Americans the personal and often emotional stories about what the biofuels industry means to them, their families and their communities while they continue to produce essential fuel and feed for America.”

Recently, Biofuel PR assisted several ethanol plants spanning multiple states in their efforts to solicit support for the renewable fuel standard, a national energy policy that has been in the spotlight for several years. The firm worked with employees of biofuel plants along with members of their local communities to submit comments to the U.S. EPA regarding its 2014 proposed RFS rule. More than 100,000 comments were submitted during the comment period and they are currently under review by the EPA.

“The team at Biofuel PR was helpful to us in our efforts to motivate local supporters and members of our community during the RFS comment period,” said Granite Falls Ethanol General Manager Steve Christiansen. “Biofuel PR understands our industry, the local communities were we live and operate as well as the world of communications.”

Biofuel PR offers a broad range of services and provides measurable results. Communication services include traditional communications tools such as news release writing and media relations, social media plans and execution, annual and community report services and newsletter writing. They are also experienced in crisis communications issues as well as state and local government relations.