Monthly EIA ethanol data shows high net exports in January

By Erin Voegele | April 29, 2014

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has released the April issue of its Monthly Energy Review, which includes ethanol production, net import and consumption data through January.

According to the EIA, the U.S. produced 1.19 billion gallons of ethanol in January, an increase over the 1.05 billion gallons produced during the same month of 2013. Production, however, was down slightly from the December 2013 level of 1.24 billion gallons.

Net imports for January reached more than -2.04 million barrels, compared -546,000 barrels during the same month of 2013. The net import level for December 2013 was -1.54 million barrels and reached -7.51 million barrels for all of last year.

The U.S. consumed 1.08 billion gallons of ethanol in January, up slightly from the 1.03 billion gallons consumed during the same month of 2013. Consumption was down, however, compared to the 1.14 billion gallons consumed in December 2013.

The EIA’s most recently weekly ethanol production data indicates the U.S. produced an average of 910,000 barrels per day the week of April 18, down slightly from the prior week’s average of 939,000 barrels per day.

The administration’s most recent import and export data shows 11,000 barrels per day of ethanol was exported the week of April 18, marking the third time the since September 2013 that the EIA reported weekly imports of ethanol. The EIA’s most recent monthly export data indicates 2.05 million barrels of ethanol were exported in January.