Aventine produces sugar-based ethanol at Nebraska plant

By Aventine Renewable Energy Inc. | June 02, 2014

Aventine Renewable Energy Inc., a leading producer, marketer and end-to-end supplier of ethanol, has announced its first railcar shipment of ethanol produced at its Aurora West facility in Aurora, Nebraska, using sugar-based only feedstock.

“This marks an important milestone in Aventine’s continuing story of innovation and demonstrates our leadership in the ethanol industry,” said Mark Beemer, Aventine's president and CEO.

"We are excited to have Aurora West up and running, creating local jobs, and contributing to the Nebraska economy,” he added. “By producing sustainable green energy, we’re also helping to ensure America’s domestic energy security.” The company has hired 52 employees to date, and expects to hire 18 more in the next two months, for an annualized payroll of $4.6 million.

“We have already injected $10.6 million into the local Aurora economy through expenditures on operational needs,” Beemer noted. “Aventine will be able to bring to market substantial quantities of ethanol each year in Nebraska, cementing our position as one of the premier end-to-end suppliers of ethanol in the country."