Edeniq validates ethanol yield increases

By Edeniq Inc. | June 09, 2014

Edeniq Inc., a biomaterials and sustainable fuels company, has announced the successful performance of its Pathway Validation Facility. Edeniq’s Pathway Platform is a proprietary, integrated platform that produces cellulosic ethanol inside existing corn ethanol plants. The pilot facility showcases how Edeniq’s patented technologies—the Cellunator and Pathway Platform—convert starch and break down corn kernel fiber, releasing cellulosic sugars into the fermentation process, thereby increasing ethanol yield 3 to 6 percent.  The pilot facility is located at the company’s headquarters in Visalia, California.

“The pilot facility confirms a necessary high-precision consistency in the Pathway Platform that is a first for our industry,” said Tom Griffin, chief technology officer of Edeniq. “Our customers are looking for a way to generate and validate cellulosic ethanol production, and with Edeniq’s Pathway Platform coupled with this unique pilot facility, we have equipped them with the solution.”

Funded jointly by Flint Hills Resources Renewables LLC and Edeniq, the pilot facility showcases the Pathway Platform and allows ethanol producers to quantify the impact of Pathway on yield enhancement and cellulosic ethanol production at their plants. 

“The Pathway Validation Facility was developed to provide our customers and partners with data to verify the increase in ethanol yield the technology provides,” said Brian Thome, president and CEO of Edeniq. “Edeniq is committed to increasing the bottom line for our customers and partners by allowing ethanol producers to improve their efficiency and migrate to cellulosic ethanol.”

The Pathway Validation Facility was designed and built exclusively by Edeniq engineers. “In an effort to maintain the highest level of precision and uphold the quality our customers expect, we chose to build the facility ourselves,” said Griffin. “Edeniq is a trailblazer in this effort and we wanted to make sure the facility showcased our technology and the expertise of our team appropriately.”  

The Pathway Platform is currently in commercial testing and continues to demonstrate its ability to increase ethanol yield and boost customer profits.