Hydro-Thermal announces breakthrough in increasing ethanol yield

By Hydro-Thermal | June 19, 2014

Nathan Misirian, director of key accounts and strategy at Hydro-Thermal, announced an innovative breakthrough for optimizing enzymes at the slurry tank with a new heating method at the 2014 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Indianapolis on June 11.  This information included results from two years of live testing at Badger State Ethanol, located in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Of the presentation, Misirian stated, “It was imperative that we shared the results of our recent installation at Badger State Ethanol so that other ethanol producers can see how they can save energy, improve ethanol yield and optimize enzyme usage.”

Doug Friedrich, operations manager at Badger State Ethanol, added, “The innovative slurry tank helped us optimize our enzyme usage, resulting in a 10 percent reduction and increased revenues by nearly $900,000 per year.”

Hydro-Thermal invested two years of testing in order to understand the slurry tank heating process.  Hydro-Thermal has been providing solutions to the ethanol industry for the past 30 years.  This improvement in the process will increase profitability and efficiency for ethanol producers.