Fuels America Independence Day campaign advocates for ethanol

By Fuels America | July 03, 2014

The Fuels America coalition is launching a new wave of ads to highlight highlighting renewable fuels’ savings for consumers as gas prices climb to their highest levels since 2008. Those high gas prices – caused principally by turmoil in Iraq – means deeper cost-cutting for the 41 percent of American consumers who plan to travel over this weekend, and the 75 percent who plan to travel this summer. The ads ask drivers in the Washington, D.C., area to support America’s renewable fuel standard (RFS).

The gas station monitor video reminds drivers that “supporting clean energy production here in America is better for the environment, is better for your wallet, and because biofuel is higher octane, it’s actually even better for your engine.” The ad also celebrates the benefits that the RFS is already delivering to American consumers: “Thanks to America’s renewable fuel standard, homegrown biofuels are cheaper than gasoline, saving you money every time you fill up.”

The WTOP spot asks Americans to declare their “independence” from foreign fossil fuels and “the sky-high price of gasoline.”

Wholesale prices for ethanol are about $1 less than wholesale gasoline, and E85 fuel (which contains up to 85 percent ethanol) is selling for $2.87 on average – a savings of $0.61 per gallon – according to E85prices.com.

“The Fourth of July is everything that’s right about America,” says the WTOP spot. “But getting bent over a barrel by Big Oil couldn’t be more wrong. Tell the EPA: Help declare America’s energy independence. Protect the renewable fuel standard.”