Corn Oil One breaks ground on distillers corn oil frac facility

By Corn Oil One | September 09, 2014

Corn Oil One has announced a major step toward the further processing of distillers corn oil by breaking ground on its new oil frac facility expected to be completed in early 2015. This facility will be among the first to purify constituents out of distillers corn oil by a new patent-pending process.

This novel plant, collocated with Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy LLC, both separates high value coproducts as well as yields a cleaner back-end corn oil for industrial uses.

"This purified product improves the efficiency, efficacy and economics of biodiesel and oleo-chemical production by eliminating the need for capital intensive pretreatment steps," said Joe Riley, general manager of Corn Oil ONE. "SIRE has been a great partner for us. Their forward-thinking approach on the future of distillers corn oil is what has made this ground breaking a reality."

According to Riley, the Corn Oil One product is also drawing interest from animal feed manufacturers and biobased industrial manufacturers.

Brian Cahill, president and CEO of SIRE said, "SIRE is very pleased to be a part of this project with Corn Oil One and ICM. We see this as an opportunity to add value to our corn oil operation and expand our customer base."

ICM Inc. of Colwich, Kansas, is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the project.

"ICM is very excited about this project and its ability to transform distillers corn oil," said Chris Mitchell, president of ICM. "We look forward to being involved as this technology expands."


Ethanol Impact

Once operational, FEC Solutions, the exclusive purchasing agent for Corn Oil One, will source millions of gallons of distillers corn oil annually for the Council Bluffs, Iowa, facility. U.S. ethanol producers supply about 200 million gallons of distiller's corn oil annually as a byproduct of ethanol production.


Biodiesel Impact

The Corn Oil ONE product will increase the use of distillers corn oil in biodiesel production by eliminating the need for pretreatment systems. Today roughly 142 million gallons of distillers corn oil is used to produce biodiesel.


New Co-Products

The new plant will be isolating and removing high-value constituents for use in bio-chemicals, oleo-chemicals, feed, life sciences and fuel.


Future Plans

Expected plans call for additional oil frac facilities co-located with large ethanol producers across the country.