Gevo's isobutanol included in new line of marine, off-road fuels

By Gevo Inc. | October 07, 2014

Gevo Inc., the world's only commercial producer of renewable isobutanol, announced that it is selling renewable isobutanol to Gulf Racing Fuels for their new line of marine and off-road fuels. The new biofuels will meet Gulf Racing Fuels' requirement for an oxygenated off-road fuel. The renewable isobutanol is being produced at Gevo's Luverne, Minnesota, facility.

Initially, Gulf Racing Fuels will create three new fuels that will target marine uses and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Each fuel will use a 16.1 percent isobutanol blend for delivering lower emissions and superior performance characteristics. These fuel blends are designed to meet U.S. EPA emission requirements for marine and off road engines without suffering from water solubility issues. The overall market opportunity in the U.S, for marine and off-road fuels is estimated to be over 1.7 billion gallons per year as per the EIA Annual Energy Outlook.

"We set out to create an innovative fuel that is unlike any fuel on the market today," said Jess Hewitt, president of Gulf Racing Fuels. "We selected Gevo's isobutanol over other alternatives because it is moisture resistant and has a lower vapor pressure than ethanol. It is also renewable and reduces emissions. We believe there is a large unmet market need that will sustain good profitability."

"We are very pleased to have a partner like Gulf Racing Fuels, who has a long history of excellence in fuels, to supply our renewable isobutanol for marine and off-road applications and we look forward to growing this market together," said Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo.