Cellulosic ethanol project planned in Slovak Republic

By Biochemtex | October 07, 2014

Biochemtex and Beta Renewables recently announced they have signed a definitive agreement with Energochemica SE for the construction of a second generation ethanol plant and the annexed energy block for the generation of power and steam.

The plant, that will be built in Strazske, Slovak Republic, will deliver 55,000 metric tons (18.42 million gallons) per year of cost-competitive cellulosic ethanol while using non-food biomass as its feedstock.

The project begins immediately and the start-up of the plant is expected in the first half of 2017.

The plant will apply Beta Renewable’s Proesa technology.  Biochemtex will provide basic engineering, key equipment and technical field services.

“We look at our deal with Energochemica SE as an important step to develop second-generation bioethanol activities in Europe,” said Guido Ghisolfi, CEO and president of Beta Renewables and Biochemtex.  “We believe that Proesa technology will let producers see superior returns on their investments, while meeting the EU targets of 10 percent renewable energy in transport by 2020. The Strazske plant will be the third in the world based on Proesa technology, following Crescentino, Italy, and Alagoas, Brazil.”

The plant will use enzymes from Novozymes and yeast from Leaf Technologies.

Novozymes and Leaf Technologies are long-term partners of Beta Renewables and their role is crucial for Proesa technology. The energy block, by using the lignin produced as a by-product of the Proesa technology, will generate all power and steam necessary to the plant and will sell the additional energy to the grid.