E Energy Adams to upgrade plant with ICM technologies

By ICM Inc. | February 12, 2015

ICM Inc. is pleased to announce that E Energy Adams LLC has selected ICM as its partner for a multifaceted technology and capacity upgrade at its Adams, Nebraska, plant. ICM’s patent-pending Selective Milling Technology and patent-pending Fiber Separation Technology will drive the project, allowing E Energy Adams to increase throughput, decrease cost per gallon, and create the ability to produce high-value streams from their traditional DGS, all while increasing ethanol yield and increasing distiller’s corn oil recovery.  ICM’s SMT is the industry leader in ‘fine grind’ technology, with 20 current or pending installations, representing over 1.4 billion gallons of annual ethanol production.  FST, the next step in ICM’s EPA-approved pathway to cellulosic ethanol, separates the corn kernel fiber for use in generating products with higher margin opportunities, or further processing it (using pre-treatment provided as a separate option by ICM) to produce cellulosic ethanol in an existing plant.

David VanderGriend, CEO for ICM, said, “ICM is pleased to partner with E Energy Adams as they fully adopt the next-generation ‘biorefinery’ concept, allowing them to accomplish their mission of supporting the local economy while delivering profits to their investor owners, area grain producers, and livestock producers.  E Energy is a leader in the ethanol industry, and we are proud to support them in their vision for continually improving operations and profitability.

Carl Sitzmann, CEO for E Energy Adams, said, “We’ve been focused on the development of this project for the last two years, and we are pleased to be partnering with ICM.  Their 20 years of experience in the ethanol industry, world-class research and development, and long-term vision of the future are perfect complements to our strategic vision involving competitiveness and new technologies.  This project will not only give us the low-cost, energy-efficient base that we need to be an efficient producer, but also provide a platform for future development of cellulosic ethanol and differentiated co-products.”

E Energy Adams was the second U.S. ethanol plant to sign a commercial agreement for purchase, license to operate, and full-scale installation of Fiber Separation Technology.  At the time of publication, E Energy joins Redfield Energy of Redfield, South Dakota; Kansas Ethanol of Lyons, Kansas; IGPC Ethanol, Inc. of Ontario, Canada; and ICM Biofuels (formerly Lifeline Foods LLC) of St. Joseph, Missouri, as an FST customer.