Business Briefs

By Staff | April 16, 2015

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey recently announced that Mark McKinley and Galen Barker from Fuel Time in St. Ansgar and Steve Neuendorf from Farmers Win Cooperative in Fredericksburg are the 2015 winners of the Secretary’s Ethanol and Biodiesel Marketing Awards. The awards, created by Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, recognize fuel marketers who promote and sell renewable fuels through creative efforts, such as hosting special events highlighting their renewable fuels, developing creative signage, initiating new advertisements or marketing efforts, and dramatically increasing renewable fuel availability.

GreenShift Corp. has announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently issued notice of allowances for several U.S. patent application numbers, including 13/450,997, titled “Methods of Processing Ethanol Byproducts and Related Subsystems;” 13/185,841, titled “Method and Systems for Enhancing Oil Recovery from Ethanol Production Byproducts;” and 11/908,891 titled “Methods and Systems for Washing Ethanol Production Byproducts to Improve Oil Recovery.”

Fluid Quip Process Technologies has announced that United Wisconsin Grain Producers has purchased its Maximized Stillage Co-Products System. The patented MSC System produces Still Pro 50, a 50 percent purity high-value protein product from stillage. The MSC System also improves corn oil yield and clarifies thin stillage. MSC has been in full-scale operation for more than five years, and UWGP marks the third system sold. 

Lux Research, a global leader in emerging technology research and advisory services, has acquired the assets of Energy Points, a leading provider of data analytics that gives the most accurate and precise analysis of energy and resources. Headquartered in Boston, Energy Points helps large companies and government entities improve their resource efficiency through analysis of energy, water, fuels and materials. As part of the transaction, Ory Zik, founder and CEO of Energy Points, and all of the data scientists from Energy Points, will be joining Lux Research. Lux Research clients will gain access to the Energy Points team, who have a combination of modeling, predictive analytics, statistical programming, and physics-guided data mining experience. 

Accenture has entered an agreement to acquire Gapso, an advanced analytics services and solutions provider based in Brazil that specializes in solving complex supply chain and logistics challenges, mainly for companies in the natural resources and agribusiness sectors. Through the acquisition, Accenture will further expand its analytics capabilities in Brazil and provide clients with advanced analytics talent and solutions that enable data-driven decisions that can optimize operations and reduce supply chain risks and costs. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Complementing Accenture’s end-to-end analytics services, Gapso will help position Accenture as a key advanced analytics player in Brazil, serving clients that specialize in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, pulp, paper, steel, grains, sugar and ethanol industries.

Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. has announced new board members. Incumbent members Ted Chasanoff of CBIZ MHM LLC, Michael Bilodeau, Daniel de Liege and Mark Koch were reelected to the board of directors, while retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling and newly appointed CEO David Matthews were added. Chasanoff will serve as chairman of the board.

Companies associated with UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, have elected Luis Roberto Pogetti, chairman of the board of directors of Copersucar, as the organization’s new chairman of the board. Pogetti replaces former minister Robert Rodrigues. Elizabeth Farina remains on the executive presidency of UNICA.

The government of Canada has announced it will invest $3.7 million to help Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative Ethanol Inc. install Canada’s first Fiber Separation Technology system. The investment will enable IGPC Ethanol to have a higher output of ethanol, corn oil and distillers grains, and develop new higher-value animal feed products while lowering the plant’s energy consumption. The introduction of FST and the IGPC plant allows for the early separation of fiber from corn prior to its fermentation, increasing the efficiency of the distillation process and producing a cleaner fiber product.

Pathogen control specialist Anitox has appointed Mark Danen as national accounts manager of biofuels. The company is driving growth in the green energy sector following the launch of its OpimOH yield-booster. Danen previously held a series of roles at Novartis Animal Health and has more than 15 years of sales and key account management experience. 

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits and Mascoma LLC recently announced that Lallemand has been awarded a patent (U.S. 8,956,851 B2) for the technology that is used in TransFerm Yield-plus. This invention provides for novel metabolic pathways that reduce or eliminate glycerol production and thereby increase ethanol yield by yeast or other microorganisms. This method was originally filed in April 2012 and the patent was granted Feb. 17, 2015. During the past three years, LBDS and Mascoma introduced TransFerm and TransFerm Yield-plus yeasts into the ethanol industry to help producers reduce the amount of glucoamylase needed in fermentation and also to provide a substantial yield increase through the introduction of this glycerol reduction pathway. Since that introduction, over 50 plants have utilized the TransFerm platform producing over 4 billion gallons of ethanol.

Ergon BioFuels LLC, subsidiary of Ergon Inc., recently announced that it has entered into a comprehensive services arrangement with Gavilon to originate and market grain at the company’s Vicksburg, Mississippi, facility. Under the terms of the agreement, Gavilon will operate the 3.2 million-bushel warehouse at the Ergon BioFuels facility and begin buying corn, soybeans, milo and soft red wheat from area producers in the near future. The strategic arrangement between the companies will also support the reopening of the ethanol plant located on site. Ergon BioFuels will own and operate the 65 MMgy ethanol plant and market the ethanol and corn oil. Gavilon will supply feedstocks to the facility and market certain offtake, including dried distillers grain with solubles, wet distillers grains with solubles and corn distillers condensed solubles for Ergon BioFuels. The plant is scheduled to reopen in May.

Mycogen Seeds, the national retail seed company of Dow AgroSciences, has joined Growth Energy as a premiere associate member. Mycogen Seeds’ partnership with Growth Energy supports ethanol as a market option vital to corn growers throughout the U.S.