Suncor wants public consultations on proposed ethanol plant in Ontario

By | January 01, 2004
Suncor Energy Products has announced its desire to renew and expand community consultations on its proposed ethanol plant project near Sarnia, Ontario, according to Suncor spokesman Neil Levine.

"We want to keep the community informed on what we're doing," Levine told EPM in early January. "We'll hold a series of open house meetings to explain what we are going to do. This will be a time they can address their concerns. We want to hear from them."

The meetings, which would take place over the next few months, will involve the Sarnia community in project planning and help identify issues that could be addressed before Suncor makes its final decision.

The $120 million facility would produce 200 million liters (52.8 million gallons) of ethanol per year. Sites in the Sarnia area are being reviewed as the company continues to work on preliminary engineering plans.

Suncor has applied to Natural Resources Canada for funding the proposed ethanol facility under the federal government's ethanol program. The company expects to hear a reply at the end of January.

If Suncor does receive final approval, construction could begin by mid-2004 and be finished by mid-2006. The company is already planning to use thermal oxidizer technology, which reduces emissions and odors from the plant.

The ethanol would be blended into gasoline sold at Sunoco retail stations owned by Suncor. Sunoco is the only major gasoline retailer to sell ethanol-blended gasoline in Ontario and one of few retailers in Canada.

Suncor Energy Products has a network of more than 300 Sunoco retail and Fleet Fuel cardlock sites and a 50 percent share in over 200 Pioneer and UPI retail sites. Suncor manufactures, distributes and markets transportation fuels, heating oils and petrochemicals primarily in Ontario. For more information about the company, visit
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