FEW expected to attract record number of ethanol producers

By BBI International | May 05, 2015

BBI International recently reported that this year’s International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, taking place June 1-4, 2015 in Minneapolis, is set to have the largest number of ethanol producers ever gathered at an industry event. “Last year we had 560 ethanol producers attend our event,” says John Nelson, marketing director at BBI International. “This year we are expecting nearly 600 producers based on early registration data and this large gathering will create an unprecedented opportunity for industry suppliers and supporters to network with ethanol producers and share their products or services.”

One-hundred-ninety-four production facilities represent a combined production capacity of 15 billion gallons of ethanol per year, including traditional and advanced ethanol facilities from the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Mexico and Thailand.

International companies are well represented at this year’s FEW. BBI reported that attendees representing 25 countries and are already registered. In addition, attendees representing 40 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces are registered.

The conference is set to draw nearly 2,000 attendees, including ethanol producers, industry suppliers, service providers and researchers from around the world. During the course of the event, they’ll discuss issues categorized into four tracks:

Track 1: Production and Operations
Track 2: Leadership and Financial Management
Track 3: Coproducts and Product Diversification
Track 4: Cellulosic and Advanced Ethanol

Find out how these and other industry topics are showcased in this year’s agenda.

Visit www.FuelEthanolWorkshop.com to view the agenda online.