Protec Fuel opens E15 station near Orlando

By Erin Voegele | May 20, 2015

Protec Fuel has announced E15 is now available in the Orlando, Florida, metro area. The fuel blend is being offered by Protec and Kissimmee Citgo. The fuel station, located in Kissimmee, Florida, is owned by Mid-State Energy Inc.

"We are extremely excited to be the first in Central Florida to offer this additional grade of alternative fuel, and offer our customers more choices as it comes to fueling. This vacation destination is especially prime with all the rental cars that can run on E15, and even E85," said Ken Allen, president of Mid-State Energy.

The Kissimmee station is part of Protec’s previously announced rollout of 28 E15 stations in metropolitan areas in the South and Southeast. It is the fourth location Protec has opened in Florida. In December, Protec announced the opening of E15 locations in Sarasota and Ft. Myers, followed by a location in southern Florida near Miami in January.  

"The growth of alternative fuel vehicles and the infrastructure required to support their expansion is flourishing in Central Florida," said Colleen Kettles, coordinator of the Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition. "The CFCCC is proud to partner with Protec Fuel as they introduce this ethanol fuel blend to our region. This  option provides our public and private fleets, as well as the general public, with yet another option to reduce the use of petroleum to power their vehicles.”

Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, has spoken out to congratulate Protect on the new E15 location. “Protec recognizes that E15 is a win for both retailers and consumers, and its ongoing efforts to find new locations to offer the homegrown renewable fuel shows that it is a leader in the marketplace,” he said.

“The demand for E15 is strong, and it is great to see E15 expand its footprint in Florida. It is clear, with the growing presence of E15 that when consumers are given the choice, they will choose the less expensive fuel that is better for their engines and our environment—one that creates jobs in America and reduces our dangerous dependence on foreign oil,” Buis continued.

“E15 has been exhaustively tested by the Department of Energy and is compatible with more than 80 percent of the cars on the road today. Millions of miles have been driven on E15 without a single issue, and with a price tag well below that of regular gasoline, it is clear why more and more retailers are choosing to offer the fuel,” Buis said.