Fuels America ad targets Obama, decries RFS proposal

By Fuels America | August 24, 2015

Fuels America is sponsoring a full page ad Monday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, aimed at President Obama during his appearance at the National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada, where he is the keynote speaker. The ad is accompanied by a Review Journal homepage takeover, as well as banner ads geotargeted at the conference.

The ad touts the progress under the renewable fuel standard (RFS) – passed 10 years ago this month by Senator Reid and a bipartisan coalition – including the creation of more than 850,000 American jobs and the reduction of America’s oil imports by nearly two-thirds.

The ad describes how the EPA caved to pressure from the oil industry and changed the law midstream with its latest proposal that would let oil companies continue to ignore their obligations under the law and block market access to renewable fuel for American consumers.

American biofuel innovators have invested billions of dollars in the next generation of biofuels – fuels that is cleaner and helps curb climate change, cutting carbon emissions by 88-108% compared to petroleum – under the promise of the RFS that it would end the oil industry’s chokehold on fuel distribution and market access, create American jobs, and give consumers a choice at the pump.

Excerpts from the ad are below:

Mr. President, we invested billions in the world’s cleanest motor fuels based on the RFS. But your proposal dismantles the program.

Mr. President, you campaigned on the promise of the RFS – and we agree with your statement that “there should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate,” as we head into climate talks in Paris. We can’t afford to dismantle a landmark Clean Air Act program, increase carbon emissions and send American innovation overseas.

Today's ad is reminiscent of previous efforts by the renewable fuel industry, such as the full page New York Times ad that appeared during the "People's Climate March" last year.

The ad coincides with a report released Monday by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), showing that the RFS has drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In the 10 years of its existence, the RFS has cut transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 590 million metric tons – the equivalent of removing over 124 million cars from the road over the last decade.

Other toplines from BIO’s report include:

-- The RFS has displaced nearly 1.9 billion barrels of foreign oil over the past decade by replacing fossil fuels with homegrown biofuels.
--EPA’s recent proposed rules for the RFS would cut short achievable future carbon emission reductions. In 2015 alone, the proposal would add 19.6 million tons of CO2e for the year, equal to putting 7.3 million cars back on the road, compared with achievable levels of biofuel use.