Novozymes rolls out ethanol education training program

By Ann Bailey | September 15, 2015

A new training tool called Novozymes Bioenergy University is available to the ethanol industry.

Novozymes created the program, which includes training online and with webinars, to address the educational needs of the diverse workforce in the ethanol industry, said Rachel Burton, Novozymes training specialist. Novozymes Bioenergy University is designed to help the company’s customers gain a competitive edge through the employment of a workforce that is capable and well-trained, the company said.

The ethanol industry has a unique workforce that is made of many different learning styles and demographics, so identifying the best training program and finding the time to implement can pose challenges to plants, businesses which primarily focus on driving business and maximizing profits, Burton said.

The training program is geared for several levels of workplace employees, not just for operators, she noted. Topics vary from basic information such as an introduction ethanol to specialized information such as how oil is separated.

The training program is designed to be a content hub of webinars, videos and other educational material. Learning program users can track their progress and enroll in courses that suit their individual requirements.

There are about 10 different training courses and beginning, advanced and expert curriculums, Burton said. The e-learning portal is accessible online so it is available anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.

Though the majority of Bioenergy University’s educational information is geared toward ethanol industry workers, one part of it, called Ethanol Challenge, is available at no cost in the Apple Store and in the Google Play store. Ethanol Challenge teaches about ethanol production using a game form, Burton said.

“It’s one of the unique pieces of the training platform,” she said.