RFA: E85Prices.com website, app upgraded

By Renewable Fuels Association | November 18, 2015

The Renewable Fuels Association has unveiled a redesigned version of its popular fuel market website E85prices.com. The revamped crowdsourcing site offers a highly-optimized user experience by integrating mobile device compatibility so that users can access E85prices.com no matter where they are.

The layout of the site has been updated for easier navigation and redesigned with a modern interface for a cleaner presentation. E85prices.com is now better integrated with Google for optimal search results that link back to the website. In addition, the E85prices.com mobile app has also been revamped. Users will find an updated interface that allows them to post their price with ease.

“The all new E85prices.com website and mobile app make it easier than ever to locate E85 stations, search for the best prices for ethanol blends, and post your personal pricing experiences,” said Robert White, vice president of industry relations at RFA. “Both the website and the app are optimized for use on any device and allow easier interaction than ever before. It is our hope that these upgrades will lead to increased usage and reporting.”

The E85prices.com redesign follows the recent launch of the brand new EthanolRFA.org website, which received its first major upgrade since its original launch.