Fluid Quip Process Technologies develops new technologies

By Ann Bailey | November 23, 2015

Fluid Quip Process Technologies, LLC has developed a fiber bypass system that will remove solids before ethanol fermentation.

“Instead of this fiber which doesn’t have value in fermentation, we pull it out right before fermentation,” said Michael Franko, Fluid Quip Process Technologies, LLC vice president of business development. Besides resulting in fewer solids that cannot be fermented, the fiber bypass system also benefits ethanol plants because having fewer solids that plug trays in the distillation process.

Fluid Quip Process Technologies, LLC  will install the fiber bypass system in a U.S. plant in December. It installed systems in two other U.S. ethanol plants earlier this year. Next month, the company also will install a system in a Brazil plant.

Once the fiber bypass system is installed in the Brazil plant, the facility will be able to accept corn,   instead of only sugarcane, Franko said.

Besides the fiber bypass system Fluid Quip Process Technologies, LLC  also has developed a process which recovers high-value protein from stillage. The protein is used to make high-value animal feed products.