Kanas Ethanol, Corn LP named to efficient producer list

By Susanne Retka Schill | November 24, 2015

Two more ethanol producers have received letters of notification that they have been approved as efficient ethanol producers, bringing the total to 52 corn ethanol plants. Kansas Ethanol LLC, Lyons, Kansas, and Corn LP, Goldfield, Iowa, have both been approved for the production of nongrandfathered ethanol.

In their petitions, both plants supplied EPA with data on the bushels of corn processed, gallons of ethanol produced and the energy used in the process as natural gas and electricity. Those figures are plugged into an EPA spreadsheet that calculates the upstream emissions from feedstock production and transportation, the process and downstream emissions from the fuel production and distribution and lifecycle emissions which include indirect land use modeling.

In the EPA approval letters posted online Corn LP’s 65 MMgy plant was found to achieve a 21.7 percent GHG reduction compared to the baseline gasoline. Kansas Ethanol’s 55 MMgy plant achieves a 34.4 percent GHG reduction. In both cases, the indirect land use modeling comprises just under half of the calculated emissions.

Kansas Ethanol’s 34.4 percent reduction is the best seen to date. Many of the 50 plants approved as efficient producers were found to have GHG reduction percentages of around 21 percent, with a handful achieving reductions in the mid or high 20s. Plants achieving greater reductions are seeing better yields and energy efficiencies than the industry average, which was determined by the EPA to be 16.8 percent GHG industry-wide in the original modeling. The calculations also reflect the reduced energy load on a plant that sells a greater proportion of its distillers grains as wet. 

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