Redfield Energy unveils ICM's Fiber Separation Technology

By Redfield Energy | November 25, 2015

There is a new look to the Redfield Energy ethanol plant, as officials with both Redfield Energy and ICM Inc. unveiled ICM's Fiber Separation Technology in a public ribbon cutting ceremony Nov. 19.

“This is a big day in our plant’s history,” says Tom Hitchcock, CEO of Redfield Energy, LLC. “We are excited to be kicking off this project with our friends at ICM. We appreciate their passion for the ethanol industry and their efforts to help us improve our yields and bottom line. We’ve worked with ICM on several projects in the past and each time, the return to our members is worth the investment we put into the project. We are glad to get the FST system up and running, and for the opportunities provided for us to continue down the path of being a low-cost producer. This new technology is a huge step forward for the future of our plant.”

ICM installed its patent-pending Fiber Separation Technology for the Redfield, South Dakota ethanol plant. FST is a value-added platform technology that helps increase ethanol yield and oil recovery for customers. FST also removes fiber from a standard ethanol process which allows increased throughput and efficiency for each gallon of ethanol produced, and creates options for diversified coproducts with high-protein feeds and fiber. Dave VanderGriend, CEO of ICM said. “We value this opportunity to partner with Redfield Energy, and appreciate their confidence in working with ICM to help them set new operation and production standards with the addition of our Fiber Separation Technology. We are very happy to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the commissioning of the FST technology and look forward to continue to help Redfield work on their goals of providing economic impact on the agriculture industry.”