Flint Hills Resources licenses Edeniq’s Pathway Technology

By Edeniq Inc. | February 11, 2016

Edeniq Inc., a biorefining and cellulosic technology company, recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Flint Hills Resources, a leading U.S. ethanol producer, to license Edeniq’s Pathway Technology for all of its ethanol plants.

Edeniq’s Pathway Technology integrates Edeniq’s Cellunator high shear equipment with cellulase enzymes to convert corn kernel fiber to cellulosic ethanol. The technology utilizes existing fermentation and distillation equipment to produce up to 2.5 percent cellulosic ethanol and a 7 percent increase in overall ethanol yield.

Edeniq’s Pathway Technology includes a proprietary technical validation process that enables customers to quantify the amount of cellulosic ethanol produced within their plants and comply with the registration, recordkeeping, and reporting required by the U.S. EPA to generate cellulosic D3 renewable identification numbers (RINs) as defined by the renewable fuel standard (RFS). Edeniq is the leader in developing analytical methods to quantify cellulosic ethanol coproduced with conventional ethanol during fermentation, which is required to access regulatory value.

“This comprehensive Pathway agreement is the seventh license agreement between our companies, including the installation of Edeniq’s Cellunators at three of FHR’s plants,” said Brian Thome, president and CEO of Edeniq. “Our work with Flint Hills demonstrates the value of our technology to increase profitability in the ethanol industry.”

Flint Hills has been an investor in Edeniq since April 2012 and a customer since June 2012.