RFA, Growth Energy join USGC

By U.S. Grains Council | March 17, 2016

The U.S. Grains Council is pleased to announce that the Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy have joined the organization as members. 

The formal addition of these two critical stakeholders will benefit council programs in myriad ways as the three organizations, the USDA and others in the ethanol industry build out a global ethanol export promotion program. 

Among other things, Growth and RFA are adding their extensive expertise to the council’s ethanol Advisory Team (A-Team) and continuing to participate on a steering committee that charts the course for ethanol exports. 

“We are proud to have RFA’s and Growth’s full support promoting ethanol overseas,” said USGC Chief Economist Mike Dwyer. “While they have sat on an advisory committee before, now they will really have the chance to engage as members.

“These organizations specialize in ethanol and offer input and context that will take our A-Team activities and programs to a new level.”

The 2014-‘2015 marketing year saw the second largest quantity of U.S ethanol shipped overseas, which the Council and its partners are using as a stepping stone for promoting U.S. ethanol as a clean-burning source of fuel to buyers and end-users around the globe.

In 2015, this work was done through ongoing assessments of potential markets; bringing three buyers teams to visit the United States; bringing two groups of U.S. ethanol industry representatives overseas; and a series of workshops focusing on the environmental and economic benefits of ethanol use in China. 

This year, this council's work will focus on the Asia-Pacific region, particularly Japan, Mexico, India and China as priority markets, with additional opportunities in Peru, the Philippines and other countries that are increasingly receptive to the benefits of blending ethanol into their fuel supplies.  

“With RFA’s and Growth’s growing engagement in these programs, the steering committee is showing their commitment to our work abroad,” Dwyer said. “Developing new markets for fuel ethanol exports offers new opportunity for U.S. corn and sorghum producers and offers us new ways to partner with customers looking to reduce their fuel costs and their environmental impacts.”

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