Green Biologics announces distribution agreements

By Erin Voegele | April 19, 2016

Green Biologics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of U.K.-based Green Biologics Ltd., announced two distribution agreements in early April. The company is currently retrofitting a corn ethanol plant in Little Falls, Minnesota, to produce renewable n-butanol and acetone.

The first distribution agreement, announced April 7, is with Texas-based Nexeo Solutions. Nexeo Solutions will become Green Biologics’ national distributor of n-butanol and acetone to U.S. customers in several key markets, including coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE); household, industrial and institutional cleaners (HI&I); personal care intermediates (PCI), and energy chemicals.

“Nexeo Solutions is a superb partner for Green Biologics,” said Timothy G. Staub, global vice president of business development for Green Biologics. “With decades of distribution experience, particularly in high value solvents, Nexeo Solutions brings a unique combination of logistical capabilities and market knowledge along with a critical presence both in key markets and geographies important to our customers.”

“Our focus is to selectively move our renewable n-butanol and acetone into high value markets, and Nexeo is well qualified and positioned to help us reach key customers who are interested in sustainability and value,” Staub added.

“Sustainability is an important metric for the chemical industry, and renewable chemicals are an important part of the equation for our customers and markets,” said Dan Matheny, vice president industrial markets at Nexeo Solutions.  “We are pleased to welcome Green Biologics to our industry and to the Nexeo family of suppliers.”

The second distribution agreement, announced April 14, was signed with Acme-Hardesty, a division of Jacob Stern & Sons Inc. and leading supplier of biobased chemicals. Acme-Hardesty will focus its efforts on marketing Green Biologics’ n-butanol and acetone for high-value applications in food ingredients, cleaning products and bio-lubricants.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership with Acme-Hardesty,” Staub said. “Acme-Hardesty’s history in sustainable chemistry reaches back to the 1880s with Jacob Stern & Sons, and we’re delighted to align Green Biologics with this outstanding industry leader.”

“We’re focused on identifying and securing opportunities in markets that can leverage the value and benefit from the performance of our sustainable products,” Staub added. “Acme-Hardesty’s commitment to providing sustainable technology solutions mirrors our own, and we’re excited to join forces to meet the needs of these high value markets.” 

“We believe in the power of bio-based ingredients and are pleased to be a channel partner with Green Biologics,” said Karen Graziano, director of advanced renewables development for Acme-Hardesty.  “It is an exciting opportunity to work with Green Biologics and together advance the commercial viability of these unique renewable materials.”

Green Biologics is expected to begin operations at its Little Falls plant later this year, with shipments to customers expected by the fourth quarter.