Queensland Renewable Fuels Association names board members

By Ann Bailey | May 19, 2016

The Queensland Renewable Fuel Association has appointed a board of directors.

Mike Bryan, a 32-year veteran of the renewable fuels industry in the United States and a tireless advocate for the industry, was named chairman of the board, said Larissa Rose, QRFA founder and managing director. Bryan’s work in the ethanol industry includes plant management, lobbying and co-founding BBI International, the parent company of Ethanol Producer Magazine. Most recently Bryan has been running an animal feeds import business which is finding a home for U.S. DDGS in Australia.

“Mike is a valuable asset to our team,” Rose said. “Working in the infancy years in the United States biofuels industry through to its current position of being the world’s largest producer of ethanol, he has spent several years policy advising to the U.S. government.”

Rose, an environmental consultant had been advocating for a biofuel mandate at all levels of engagement in the state of Queensland, Australia, for several years prior to the formation of the QRFA.

“My time over the last few years has given me the exposure and knowledge to see significant gaps with engagement in our industry. QRFA was always on the forefront, especially when a biofuel mandate was passed by state government last December,” Rose said. “I knew Queensland needed a state-based level association to support the growth of renewable fuels now and into the future.

“I want us all to be breathing cleaner air and living longer lives, coupled with less dependence on fossil fuels as a country,” Rose said.

The QRFA is an inclusive association designed to bring together government, the agricultural sector, businesses, universities and individuals to teach people about biofuels and promote them in Queensland, she said. The QRFA will support innovation, technological advancements and investments ensuring that the renewable fuel leaders of the future are nurtured into the new bio economy.

Queensland Renewable Fuel Association objectives include supporting and encouraging the renewable fuels industry, teaching the fuel retailers and marketers about the benefits of renewable fuels and working to enhance Queensland’s energy security through a robust renewable fuels program, Rose said.

Besides, Bryan, the other QRFA is Renewable Fuel Board members and their backgrounds are:

Daryl Sahli: Sahli holds s bachelors degree in commerce and bachelors and masters degrees in law. He is experienced in business planning, economic feasibility studies and strategic planning in the areas of ethanol plants, agri-business and renewable fuels research.

Craig Thamm: Thamm is an experienced environment, health, safety and project management professional with a focus on the biofuels and civil construction sectors. He is the general manager of environment, safety and human resources for Queensland’s Pentland Bio-Energy Project, which focuses on the production of ethanol using local sweet sorghum and sugar cane.

John Morgan: Morgan is an engineer with an extensive career in the oil industry. His involvement in the renewable fuels industry was associated with a business development proposal to build ethanol plants and he also was involved with the roll-out of E10 gasoline and biodiesel to retail and commercial customers.

Talbot Cox: Cox has had a hands-on role in sugar cane farming for 25 years and for the last eight years has been director of Austcane. In that role he has developed a renewable fuels project in the Burdekin region of North Queensland.

Luke Von Pein: Von Pein is a fifth-generation farmer and business manager of his family’s Pallathorpe Enterprise Pty Ltd., a crop growing farming operation on the Jimbour Plain, Darling Downs. The crops his family raises includes sorghum which is used by the local Dalby biorefinery to make ethanol.