Growth Energy applauds Trump’s pro-RFS statements

By Erin Voegele | May 26, 2016

Growth Energy has spoken out to applaud a statement made by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in support of the renewable fuel standard (RFS). Meanwhile, two former senators are asking Trump’s energy advisor to support the RFS.

On May 26, Growth Energy issued a statement noting Trump has agreed to meet with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad regarding post-2022 RFS policy. “In January, Mr. Trump said that he supports the renewable fuel standard (RFS) and ethanol because ‘energy independence is a requirement if America is to become great again,’” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “We could not agree more. It is vital that Mr. Trump stay true to his principles on ethanol because the RFS is our country’s most successful energy policy.
“His announcement today that he would meet with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad about ensuring a strong RFS past 2022 is great news,” Skor continued. “The RFS protects affordable options for consumers at the pump, it reduces emissions, and without it, we would increase our dependence on foreign oil from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
“Given both leading candidates for president support the RFS, we’re confident that America’s next president will earn the votes of renewable fuel supporters in North Dakota and across the country,” said Skor.

Both Democratic hopefuls, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have also indicated support for the RFS.

Growth Energy’s statement comes one day after Americans for Energy Security and Innovation co-chairman and former senators Jim Talent and Rick Santorum sent a letter to Trump energy advisor Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D. The letter expresses concern over Cramer’s recent statement in the press that the goals of the RFS have been met. “As lawmakers who championed the RFS prior to your service in Congress, we assure you that this policy remains a vital bulwark for U.S. energy security against foreign manipulation,” wrote Talent and Santorum in the letter. “If Congress or the next president were to undermine the RFS, the consequences would be dire—not just for farmers and workers in states like North Dakota—but for consumers across the country.”

“With the RFS to combat foreign manipulation, U.S. biofuels have become more than cost-competitive with conventional gasoline, they produce dramatically fewer emissions, and displace toxic gasoline additives linked to cancer and groundwater contamination. It’s important to note that American consumers reap these rewards at little or no cost,” said the former senators in the letter. “There are no subsidies or tax breaks for ethanol. The RFS guarantees a market but not a price, and the RFS has a long track record of reducing the cost of fuel. Moreover, the domestic biofuel industry supports more than 852,000 American jobs.”

“To protect and accelerate America’s progress toward energy security, we urge you to support the RFS and use your position—in Congress and as an energy policy advisor to our party’s presumptive presidential nominee—to educate other leaders against confusing a short-term dip in oil prices with long-term energy security,” Talent and Santorum continued. “We cannot afford to squander America’s most effective tool against hostile nations that seek to use energy as a weapon.”