ICM: Selective Milling Technology reaches milestone

By ICM Inc. | June 01, 2016

ICM Inc.’s patented Selective Milling Technology has shifted from a new technology to a proven process at approximately 15 percent of the ethanol plants in the U.S. and has allowed them to produce more than 300 million gallons of ethanol since the original installations.  From our earliest adopters to our current customers, the SMT process produces an increase yield of over 45 million gallons per year of ethanol production as well as an increase of over 30 million pounds per year of corn oil.  At current values for ethanol and corn oil, the SMT process generates over $85 million of additional revenue annually for ICM SMT customers.

We continue to install SMT process in ethanol plants with expectations of four to five more installations this year.  In some cases, replacing competitive milling technologies that use colloid mills, which did not prove to be as effective as SMT.

ICM’s platform technology, SMT frees more starch critical for enzyme conversion to sugar.  The process of using energy to free more starch for enzyme conversion to sugar can involve breaking larger starch particles into smaller ones; or separating starch away from fiber, protein, or fats.  SMT allows plants to maximize this added energy by targeting the particles that can benefit from it most.

Plant data from operations of ICM’s SMT illustrate the various benefits that are derived from this revolutionary platform technology, including: increased ethanol yields up to 3.0 percent, increased oil recovery yields up to 25 percent, and ultimately, increased revenues.  Reflecting on the positive SMT data analysis to date, plant managers continue to state, “After running the SMT, we are pleased with how it boosted our ethanol yield, lowered residual WDGS starch and most importantly, improved our bottom line.”

ICM’s SMT technology offers tremendous value in itself, and ICM’s bolt-on technologies are the leading upgrades to position your corn ethanol plant for the next technological innovation.  ICM has a cellulosic answer and it is within your reach—patent-pending Generation 1.5: Grain Fiber to Cellulosic Ethanol Technology which is a low risk solution to cellulosic ethanol.

ICM President Chris Mitchell said, “We continue to focus our efforts on developing solutions that deliver value-added product streams to the renewable energy industry. We believe our competitive advantage comes from providing our customers with technologies that deliver immediate returns for them coupled with our expanding platform technologies that we continue to launch.”

A model-scale SMT will be on display at ICM’s booth (#1023) at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop, June 20 -23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, SMT product literature and opportunities for discussion with product sales staff will be available.