ASTM incorporates E15 language into ongoing standard revision

By Susanne Retka Schill | June 02, 2016

ASTM International announced progress has been made in the ongoing project to update its standards. New language in the standards incorporates E15 and updates driveability information. Additional revisions to the standard are in the pipeline.

Prior to the revision incorporating E15 into the specifications, the Coordinating Research Council, a nonprofit organization that guides studies on the interaction between vehicles and petroleum products, conducted driveability tests to help ensure good customer performance.

An ASTM member representing the ethanol industry explained the process to revise ASTM D4814-16b began nearly 5 years ago. With well over 1,000 members on the ASTM International committee of petroleum products, liquid fuels and lubricants (DO2) and hundreds in the subcommittee on oxygenates (D02.A), the voting on changes to technical specifications and language in standards revisions takes time. The process also often reflects the ongoing discussions in the larger petroleum and renewable fuels communities.

Subcommittee D02.A welcomes participation from those with an interest in the 12 ASTM standards maintained by the subcommittee that are focused on gasoline and oxygenated fuels.