Xylogenics launches new plant modeling services

By Xylogenics Inc. | July 05, 2016

Xylogenics Inc. officially launched its ethanol plant fermentation modeling services at this year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop.  With the introduction of these modeling services, Xylogenics will become a valued and trusted resource for plant managers to maximize the profitability of their fermentations.

Xylogenics modeling services provide big data analytics to plant managers that empower informed and efficient implementation of new technologies, techniques, and resources. With these services, Xylogenics’ goal is to aid in maximizing the efficiency of fuel ethanol production by providing extensive and objective fermentation models that enable plant managers to agilely deploy the most valuable strategies for their plant. 

As part of the modeling services, Xylogenics performs a full analysis of all plant materials and historical data, then designs and conducts customized models of the plant fermentation, at lab scale. These models enable testing of an array of variables affecting plant fermentation operations and produce a large amount of fermentation data. 

This “big data” is analyzed and reviewed with the plant manager to aid fermentation strategy or new technology assessments.  Xylogenics combines experience in 10,000-plus fermentations with plant manager knowledge to make unbiased data-driven recommendations for process improvements.  For further information, visit http://xylogenics.com/.