Praj to launch Green Fund for 2G ethanol projects in India

By Praj Industries | August 15, 2016

Praj, a global process solutions company, is going to be the first technology provider in the India to participate in 2G ethanol projects through “Green Fund.” This Green Fund will be contributed to accelerate second generation biomass-to-ethanol projects in various parts of the country.

“In order to accomplish 20 percent ethanol blending program set up by the government, the OMCs, project developers and technology providers like us need to ramp up our actions and develop a sustainable eco-system. To achieve this ambitious blending target, second generation biofuels play a pivotal role. Globally it has been accepted that 2G Ethanol is the answer to sustainability and reducing GHG emission. The Green Fund will play as catalyst in building sustainable industry that our future generations will benefit from. Further, we have prepared ourselves to execute 2G ethanol projects worth Rs. 2500–3000 Crores in 2 years,” said Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman of Praj Industries.

Farmer centric Biomass supply chain model

Praj has devised a farmer centric biomass supply chain model which will benefit farmers and ensure a better livelihood. This sustainable model will help farming community to generate additional revenues from agri-waste which will be consumed to produce bio ethanol. This will also generate rural employment & entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth.

Build, Operate & Maintain (BOM) package

Praj will also be the first technology provider to offer second generation biomass-to-ethanol projects based on build, pperate and maintain (BOM) package. Under this package, Praj will not only provide the technology and build the plant but also will assist in operating and maintaining it.

Praj’s end-to-end 2G “Smart Bio refinery” solution

Second generation (2G) ethanol is produced from biomass which includes agricultural residues such as bagasse, corn cobs, rice & wheat straw, cotton stalk, empty fruit bunches etc. Praj offers end-to-end solution to set up 2G smart biorefinery; this will be capable of producing a range of products—from bioethanol, bio-CNG, power and variety of biochemicals.

It is Praj’s endeavor to create a unique Techno-Socio-Economic revolution in India that has the potential to catalyze rural economy while saving precious foreign exchange and reducing GHG emissions.