IGPC considers investment to double ethanol production capacity

By Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc. | October 26, 2016

The board of directors and senior management of Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc. on behalf of itself and its wholly-owned subsidiary IGPC Ethanol Inc., announced that the company has commenced a process to explore the feasibility of investing in a significant expansion of operations at its facility in Aylmer, Ontario. If it proceeds, the project would double IGPC’s annual ethanol production capacity and ancillary other products.

The process for the expansion will require the raising of additional capital, as well as procuring engineering studies and acquiring the necessary permits, licenses and consents to proceed. This assessment process is currently being undertaken by IGPC.

In making the announcement, IGPC’s CEO Jim Grey stated, “We have grown to become a leader in ethanol production for nearly a decade, and we strongly believe in the future growth of the ethanol industry and the advantages it brings to various sectors of the economy, as well as undeniable consumer and environmental benefit.” Grey went on to say, “This important undertaking aimed at doubling our production capacity at our plant in Aylmer, Ontario, is a clear sign that IGPC will continue to be an innovator and leader for the ethanol industry in Ontario and Canada for years to come.”

The proposed expansion project is conditional and subject to the receipt of all necessary statutory and zoning approvals and the ability to secure necessary capital for the project. The company will also be exploring the availability of financial contributions by various levels of government in order to finalize its expansion plans