Growth Energy: Annual October Pink Out Program a success

By Growth Energy | November 30, 2016

Growth Energy partnered with major fuel retailers Sheetz, Minnoco, Protec Fuel and Murphy USA for its annual Pink Out program to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer during October. For each gallon of clean burning E15 sold, 2 cents were donated to an organization fighting to eliminate breast cancer or help families affected by the disease.

“We are thrilled to have such incredible partners with whom we were able to donate $40,465.64 to deserving organizations working to find a cure for breast cancer and help those affected by it,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO. “The ethanol industry is proud to help in the fight against cancer by replacing toxic carcinogens that were previously blended in gasoline. By partnering with leading retailers such as Sheetz, Minnoco, Protec Fuel and Murphy USA, this program ensures we continue to take up the fight on behalf of mothers, daughters and families everywhere.”

The Pink Out program ran throughout the month of October at participating stations, with more than 700 dispensers included in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina. The program raised $40,465.64 with Sheetz donating to the American Cancer Society, Minnoco to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, Protec Fuel to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and Murphy USA to Susan G. Komen.