Corn consumption for fuel alcohol higher in October

By Ann Bailey | December 02, 2016

The total amount of corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 507 million bushels in October, USDA said in its October monthly grain crushings and coproducts production report. The total amount of corn used during October was 5 percent higher than it was in September and 3 percent more than was used in October 2015, the report said.

Corn usage in October included 91.6 percent for alcohol and 8.4 percent for other purposes. Corn used for fuel alcohol was 455 million bushels in October, 5 percent more than the 435.2 million bushels that were used in September and 3 percent more than the 440.4 million that were used in October 2015, according to USDA. There were 3.18 million bushels of corn used for beverage alcohol in October. That was a 14 increase over the 2.8 million bushels used in September and 23 percent more than the 2.6 million bushels than were used in October 2015.

Corn used in October for dry milling production was 89.4 percent, and for wet milling production, 10.6 percent, the report said. Production of DDGS was 1.93 million tons during October, down 2 percent from September, but up slightly from a year ago in October, the October report said. Conversely, production of distillers wet grains, 65 percent or more moisture, was 1.28 million tons in October, up 8 percent from September, but 5 percent lower than in October 2015.

During October, production of wet mill corn gluten was 343,000 tons, a 5 percent increase over September and also 5 percent over October 2015, USDA said.  Wet corn gluten feed, 40 to 49 percent moisture, production was 301,000 tons in October, 1 percent less than September production and 1 percent more than production last October.

In October 4.5 million hundredweight (cwt.) of sorghum were used for alcohol production, up from 2.5 million cwt. In September, but down from 4.7 million cwt. a year ago, according to the report.