Anellotech announces breakthrough in extending catalyst lifetime

By Anellotech | December 19, 2016

Anellotech recently announced that it has developed proprietary technology to extend catalyst lifetime in its Bio-TCat process for low cost conversion of biomass into valuable aromatic chemicals and renewable fuels. The new MinFree technology reduces mineral (ash) content of biomass feedstocks, thereby enabling economic catalyst lifetimes. “This is a breakthrough innovation for the industry and vital to technological success” said Chuck Sorensen, chief technology officer at Anellotech. “It opens up the possibility to use many types of low-cost biomass feedstocks that contain high levels of well-known catalyst poisons. MinFree technology represents a major step forward, enabling the cost competitiveness of Anellotech’s biomass conversion process.” 

“MinFree is an important development needed to advance our Bio-TCat process toward commercialization as it contributes to our ability to achieve attractive returns even in a low oil price environment, whether licensees opt for using Bio-TCat products as renewable fuels or chemicals,” stated David Sudolsky, president and CEO of Anellotech. “The recent demonstration of MinFree at ton scale was a significant accomplishment.” 

Anellotech has partnered with leading technology providers IFPEN/Axens for process development and Johnson Matthey for catalyst technology. “We’re fortunate to have our R&D team working side-by-side with industry-recognized experts who have long-term commitments to this program,” said Sudolsky. “Together with partners Suntory and Toyota Tsusho, our Alliance is dedicated to developing an efficient, economic, and commercially viable end-to-end process, of which biomass handling and pretreatment are critical components.”