Queensland RFA: Biofuels mandate will result in more choices

By Queensland Renewable Fuels Association | December 29, 2016

The introduction of the Queensland Biofuel Mandate, on Jan. 1, is not only set to give consumers cleaner fuel choices at the pump but allow them to choose fuel made in Queensland, Australia. 

The mandate means liable fuel retailers will be required by law to ensure up to 3 percent of their total regular unleaded and ethanol-blended fuel sales each quarter are bio-based (ethanol) all of which are produced in Queensland’s towns of Sarina and Dalby.

Larissa Rose, Queensland Renewable Fuels Association managing director, said the implementation of a biofuels mandate will allow consumers greater opportunities to support local industry and agriculture, while investing in building strong regional industries for the future.

“The mandate has been a long time coming for Queensland. It means consumers will be provided with more fuel choices at their local service station.  It provides people with the choice where there hasn’t previously been one offered.

“QRFA is very excited about the possibilities this mandate provides for Queensland economically but also environmentally.  It means that Queenslanders are putting money back into our State’s businesses and supporting local jobs, all while keeping our air cleaner,” Rose said. “Choosing to invest in local domestically-produced biofuels directly impacts on a grassroots level and lessens our dependence on importing fossil fuels,’’ she noted.

The biofuels mandate also means a positive step forward to providing cleaner air in Queensland with reduced carcinogenic emissions.

“A lot of people don’t realize that using biofuels like E10 provide significant health benefits. By choosing to use E10 you are reducing the number of toxic particles emitted into the air. Certain particles from vehicle emissions embed in the lung, which children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to.  By using E10 we can decrease these particles by 33 percent,” Rose said.