DSM ramps up R&D capabilities with new biotech center

By EPM Staff | April 04, 2017

Dutch biotech giant Royal DSM has opened a new state-of-the-art biotechnology facility on its Delft, Netherlands, campus. The Biotechnology Center will accelerate DSM's biotech research and development capabilities for applications in food and nutrition, feed, fuel, pharma and biobased materials.

The project is part of a multi-year, €100 million ($107 million) investment by DSM to scale up its R&D capabilities. The center, which offers the broadest range of biotechnology specializations under one DSM roof, clusters innovation—housing over 400 R&D experts—and builds on a solid history of nearly 150 years of fermentation and biotechnology innovation in Delft.

While the new center mostly represents a major capabilities expansion for DSM’s large Food Specialties division, it also complements its biofuels and biobased products lines. The Delft campus is home to the company’s Bioprocess Pilot Facility and its Biobased Products and Services operation, the branch of DSM engaged in a joint venture with U.S. ethanol producer Poet to commercialize cellulosic ethanol.

"DSM's new Biotechnology Center is where our scientists will create solutions for societal challenges such as the need to provide all people globally with nutritious food, as well as enabling the transformation from a fossil-based to a biorenewable-based society,” said Feike Sijbesma, CEO and chairman of the DSM Managing Board.

The new facility will soon be named the Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center in honor of pioneering scientist Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958), whose extraordinary work during a tragically short life and career significantly contributed to our understanding of the structure of DNA, effectively creating the basis for modern biotechnology. By honoring Rosalind Franklin, DSM pays tribute to all female heroes of science.