Military veterans make up nearly one-fifth of ethanol workforce

By Renewable Fuels Association | April 06, 2017

A new Department of Energy study on employment in the U.S. energy sector shows that America’s ethanol industry employs a significantly larger share of military veterans—relative to each industry's total workforce—than any other segment of the energy industry. Nearly one in five ethanol industry employees is a veteran (18.9 percent), compared to a national average of 7 percent across all sectors of the workforce, according to the DOE study.

Per 100 workers, the ethanol industry employs twice as many veterans as the oil and gas sector and nearly four times as many veterans as the coal and nuclear power generation sectors. Other renewable energy sectors, including advanced biofuels, wind and solar, also employ a relatively large share of military veterans. Across all energy segments, veterans comprise 9 percent of the U.S. energy sector’s workforce, slightly above the national average.

Last month, 120 veterans working in the ethanol industry sent a letter to President Trump. The letter noted the important contributions the U.S. ethanol industry makes to domestic energy security and encouraged the President to include a prominent role for ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard in his energy plan.

The share of veterans working in various energy sectors is broken down in the table accompanying this story.  

The DOE study is available here