Norfolk Southern recognizes ethanol shippers in 2016 safety award

By Staff Report | April 11, 2017

Ethanol producers were among 55 customers recognized by the Norfolk Southern for shipping at least 1,000 carloads of hazardous products over the railroad without a single incident during 2016. Collectively, the companies safely shipped 208,503 carloads of chemical products.

Ethanol shippers included Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur, Illinois, Cargill Inc., CHS Inc., Flint Hill Resources LP, Green Plains Inc., Marquis Energy LLC, One Earth Energy LLC, Pacific Ethanol Pekin, Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy LLC, and Valero Energy Corp.   

"Safety and service go hand in hand at Norfolk Southern, and we appreciate the shared safety commitment of our industry partners," said Alan Shaw, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. "These valued customers understand that safe delivery of their product is essential to our nation's commerce and to the well-being of our rail and chemical industry employees, the communities we serve, and the environment. Together, we work hard every day to demonstrate that rail is a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to transport chemical products."

Shipments transported by Norfolk Southern, which operates 19,500 route miles in 22 states,  included products used daily in some form by U.S. businesses and households, such as industrial chemicals used to manufacture consumer goods, crude petroleum, ethanol and fertilizers. These products are shipped primarily in tank cars that customers own and maintain or lease, the company said in announcing the 2016 Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award.