D3Max pilot test results at ACE Ethanol exceed expectations

By BBI International | April 12, 2017

This February, D3MAX announced the completion and shipment of its pilot plant employing the patented D3MAX cellulosic ethanol technology. Installed at ACE Ethanol LLC, in Stanley, Wisconsin, the testing of the patented D3MAX corn fiber-to-ethanol process and technology is underway with testing to be complete by June.

After analyzing pilot test data, the D3MAX process has demonstrated better than expected results, according to Mark Yancey, chief technology officer for D3MAX. Based on the latest information, the pilot test results indicate that the yield of xylose sugar from the xylan in corn fiber routinely exceeds 90 percent of the theoretical maximum yield, and overall sugar production in the pilot plant is better than the target yields.

“We’ve always been excited about developing the D3MAX technology based on our original projections,” Yancey said. “Now that we’ve seen the actual pilot facility begin to exceed our expectations, we’ve become even more confident that the D3MAX process can produce higher yields from corn fiber at lower costs.”

“I am very encouraged by preliminary results of the pilot test,” said Neal Kemmet, president and general manager at ACE Ethanol. “Based upon the testing we have done to date, D3MAX may very well be the best option available for dry mill ethanol plants and will be able to be installed without significant downtime or interruption of ethanol production.”

Because the pilot test results have been so positive to date, D3MAX plans to begin designing the first commercial-scale D3MAX plant this summer, with construction expected to begin this fall. See the latest D3MAX presentation and test results by clicking here.