ICM installs SMT V2 at Carbon Green BioEnergy, Iroquois BioEnergy

By ICM Inc. | May 26, 2017

ICM Inc. and NUVU Fuels LLC are pleased to announce the adoption of ICM’s patented Selective Milling Technology V2 (SMT V2) at both Carbon Green BioEnergy in Lake Odessa, Michigan and Iroquois BioEnergy in Rensselaer, Indiana. These two 55 MGPY production facilities are scheduled to be the first commercial scale adopters of ICM’s new advanced designed SMT V2. 

ICM is proud to announce advancements in this proven technology with a significant decrease in the electrical load requirement, same production yields and new opportunities for improved operations in the plant. SMT V2 allows plants to produce increases of up to 3 percent ethanol yield and up to 15 percent distiller’s oil recovery, and ultimately, increased revenues. Now with this technological advancement, ICM’s new design provides up to a 50 percent reduction in horsepower, while providing an opportunity to dramatically change the grind profile and to reduce suspended solids throughout the plant. 

Mitch Miller, general manager for Carbon Green BioEnergy remarked, “We at NUVU Fuels are excited for the prospects this technology will afford us at both facilities.  The ethanol yield increase and corn oil increase along with the enhanced front end stability fit nicely with our ongoing improvement efforts.”   

Brock Beach vice president of sales and marketing for ICM, said, “ICM is pleased to help NUVU Fuels take advantage of the benefits that SMT V2 provides to plants. We appreciate NUVU Fuels confidence in ICM and look forward to working with them on their goals at Carbon Green BioEnergy and Iroquois BioEnergy.” Beach continued, “ICM is committed to offering solutions that consider the entire business picture of our customers.”

SMT V2 is a platform technology that frees more starch critical for enzyme conversion to sugar by selectively targeting and flaking larger starch particles into smaller ones; separating starch away from fiber, protein, or fats.  Using a newly designed proprietary milling device, the new and improved SMT V2™ allows plants to take advantage of these benefits, while also maximizing efficiencies by reducing the amount of energy needed.  ICM’s Technology Development team developed this latest upgrade by evaluating various equipment designs that can perform the necessary processes, and by leveraging ICM’s ability to partner with multiple equipment manufacturers.