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Biofuels Recruiting aims high with principled 'no pirating' rule
By Mike Bryan | September 01, 2003
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From time to time I take opportunities to talk about a project or business activity that our own BBI International staff is involved in. One that I am particularly excited about is our Biofuels Recruiting service managed by Matt Spoor in our Grand Forks, N.D., office.

There are several reasons for us to be proud of the service offered. First and foremost, it fills a real need in the ethanol industry. Finding qualified employees is a struggle and when you are trying to run an ethanol plant at the same time, it is even more difficult. From the very onset of this endeavor, we made a commitment to not "pirate" from within the ethanol industry, simply moving a person from one plant to another. That has made the challenge of finding qualified personnel significantly greater.

Moving people from one plant to another would be easy, but it would do nothing to help grow the skilled labor pool of the industry. Bringing new people in from associated industries or educational institutions who have an education and/or possess skills that can be matched to the needs of the ethanol industry is a necessary function, especially with new plants coming on line nearly every month.

The primary responsibility of the staffing service is to ensure that our clients are not wasting valuable time screening resumes and interviewing candidates that are not qualified, not seriously interested in making a move, or generally not a good fit for the organization. While very labor intensive, this service provides clients with the assurance that the people they interview are qualified for the position and the choice becomes a matter of whether the candidate is a fit for the organization versus whether they are simply qualified.

The people who work in the plants have built this industry. The contributions made by bright, qualified, dedicated employees, who can look at a problem and find a solution, have been the foundation of many of the energy and cost efficiencies we enjoy today. Staffing an industry is a responsibility that we take very seriously and one that has little room for error.

So as ethanol production continues to expand and finding qualified personnel becomes increasingly difficult, it is our hope that in addition to the colleges, universities and technical schools who are offering a wide array of related training, we can do our part to help build a top-notch ethanol labor force.
Have a great month!

Mike Bryan
President, BBI International