Liquid Resources Receives USDA Grant

Converting Vacant Building into Waste-to-ethanol Plant
By | September 01, 2003
Liquid Resources of Ohio, LLC, announced the receipt of a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Aug. 27. The funds will help Liquid Resources develop an ethanol plant in Medina, Ohio.

The facility, projected to open in early 2004, will be converted from a vacant building and expected to produce six mmgy of ethanol from waste liquids, such as Coca-Cola or beer.

"It's a process that is well known in the industry but only done at a very short list of facilities," said Tim Curtiss, Liquid Resources CEO and co-founder. "It is less capital-intensive and the economics are less risky than making ethanol from corn."

Liquid Resources would collect the liquids from manufacturers, who can't sell the products because either the products have passed their freshness dates, been mislabeled or spilled. The packaging would be recycled and the liquids fermented and distilled into pure alcohol and converted to ethanol.

"This is about keeping stuff out of landfills and using renewable resources more efficiently," Curtiss told EPM.

Construction and design companies have yet to be named for the Medina project. Curtiss declined to talk about additional funding.

Three other ethanol projects also received USDA grants. Harrison Ethanol LLC, Central Ethanol LLC and Pike Ethanol LLC, all based in Ohio, each received $500,000 to develop projects.

Overall, the USDA selected 113 applications for renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvement grants in 24 states totaling $21,207,233. EP