Xylogenics releases new yeast strain

By Staff Report | June 28, 2017

Xylogenics Inc. has released a new strain design for its patented GX-1 yeast and fermentation process. The company said it has performed more than 10,000 commercial lab-scale fermentations with the new yeast design.

Xylogenics expects the new GX-1 strain to influence the ethanol industry immediately, as plants invest as much as $350 million annually into yeast technology advancements. It also will be applicable to industries that rely on micro-organisms technology: pharmaceuticals, agriculture, enzymes and a variety of biobased chemical products such as flavors, fragrances, plastics and solvents.

“Our approach to plant modeling and strain design has always been to take particular care in designing applications which are appropriate for each industry we are serving,” said Xylogenics President Josh Heyen, in a statement. “It’s this combination of service, experience and customization in yeast strain design that makes up our secret sauce in differentiating Xylogenics from the competition.” Heyen also stressed the importance of customization of the company’s offerings to respective industries using them.