Edeniq supports LCFS pathway for corn kernel fiber ethanol

By Edeniq Inc. | September 13, 2017

On Sept. 7, Edeniq Inc. President and CEO Brian Thome submitted written comments to the California Air Resources Board supporting final approval of Little Sioux Corn Processors’ application under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard for a pathway for cellulosic ethanol produced from corn kernel fiber at its Marcus, Iowa plant.

In January, Little Sioux received a D3 cellulosic ethanol registration from the U.S. EPA after deploying Edeniq’s technology at its plant. Thome noted the significance of the consistency between CARB’s approval and the EPA’s approval. He also expressed support for CARB’s assignment of a 31.23 carbon intensity, validating the potential for Edeniq’s technology to help California achieve the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the LCFS.

“We commend CARB’s work toward finalizing Little Sioux’s cellulosic ethanol application,” Thome said. “Approval of the first LCFS Pathway for corn kernel fiber cellulosic ethanol is an exciting milestone that paves the way for California to become a leading market for cellulosic ethanol. We believe that cellulosic ethanol is the cleanest transportation fuel and are encouraged by the support from CARB and the EPA for low-cost cellulosic ethanol made from corn kernel fiber at existing ethanol plants.”