Greenbelt Resources conducts feedstock testing for CCSW

By Greenbelt Resources Corp. | October 31, 2017

Greenbelt Resources Corp. has agreed to perform feedstock testing with Central Coast Wine Services to test various streams of wastes generated in the winemaking process. The wastes will be tested for potential use as feedstock for PRECO, Greenbelt's "Paso Robles ECOsystem" project, a local waste-to-energy system.  Wastes with successful results will be locally converted by Greenbelt's proven ECOsystem technology into sellable bioproducts such as bioethanol, feed and fertilizer.  Of particular interest in all of Greenbelt's feedstock testing is the potential production of a high-value human protein source to help meet global demand for more protein.

"What makes this type of feedstock testing possible," explains Darren Eng, Greenbelt CEO, "is that our Commercial Scale Testing Facility is feedstock agnostic, as will be PRECO.  The brilliance of PRECO is its ability to take in multiple feedstocks simultaneously and still produce our standard bioproducts, most notably bioethanol."

As the wine industry continues to further emphasize sustainability as an operational goal, CCWS has taken a leading role. CCWS is working with Greenbelt to test the viability of taking various streams of remaining ethanol containing elements, such as by-products of the fermentation process, and converting it into high-grade bioethanol. Thus, they are turning what has been considered waste into economically viable, greener and more sustainable bioproducts.

Founded in 1988, CCWS was born out of the belief that the Central Coast Wine industry could achieve greater potential, and achieve it faster, if it were supported by a full wine service business. With growing demand for their range of services, and the same commitment to producing a more environmental friendly wine, CCWS is taking an industry lead in identifying more sustainable technologies such as Greenbelt's PRECO project.

"We're always looking for ways we can assist our wineries to produce the highest quality product in the most sustainable ways while not adding costs," says Richard Mather, business manager at CCWS. "This commitment has led us to be early testers and adopters of more environmentally friendly technologies. That's why we're working with Greenbelt.  We believe that when we demonstrate viable sustainability practices, the winery industry will soon follow our lead."

Greenbelt's feedstock testing service has become a core service of its business. Other waste derived feedstocks tested or being tested include pomegranate husks, mandarin oranges, pistachio hulls, bagels, brewery wastes, sweet potatoes, sugar beets, and a variety of waste sugar and/or alcohol containing beverages.