August 20 Ethanol Available to Boost Arizona Gas Supplies

By | September 01, 2003
The RFA sent a letter to Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano on Aug. 20 after a fuel shortage occurred there. The RFA urged the governor to use 10 percent ethanol-blended fuel to ease the shortfall. Arizona uses ethanol primarily in the winter months to reduce carbon monoxide pollution, so an established supply distribution network was already in place.

In the wake of the shortage, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would allow Arizona to use conventional gasoline, including 10 percent ethanol blends, until Sept. 7. RFA president Bob Dinneen said in his letter, "Ethanol is available today at storage facilities in Arizona in anticipation of the coming winter oxyfuel program. Additional supplies of ethanol can be shipped to the state within days. That will extend precious gasoline supply while helping to reduce consumer costs."