The Way I See IT

2002 will be filled with decisions that will shape our industry's future
By Mike Bryan, President, BBI International | February 01, 2002
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We are so very proud to be able to present to you this inaugural issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine. It is only fitting that as the ethanol industry grows, so should the publication that serves it.

Coming at the end of this month, the National Ethanol Conference: Policy and Marketing has become a mainstay in the industry. This year, over 500 will attend from countries around the world. Fuel ethanol is taking priority status on a global level and the National Ethanol Conference helps further motivate that activity. Once again, the Renewable Fuels Association has created an agenda most worthy of the your participation.

While there is much indecision over a variety of issues relating to ethanol, plant development continues at a furious pace, with 15 new plants under construction and more than we can count in terms of proposed facilities. This is in addition to the expansion of nearly every existing facility. At the 2001 National Ethanol Conference, the industry boldly declared, "We can and will supply California," there were certainly those who doubted that statement. Now, only one year later, there should be no doubt. We can supply California and the rest of the country as well. American agriculture has always risen to the challenge and this is no exception.

2002 will be filled with decisions that will affect our future. From a Renewable Fuels Standard to oxygenate waivers, to a host of state incentives that will help support ethanol production, this will be an exciting year to say the least. Through it all, we know ethanol will prevail. Why? Because there are no other reasonable alternatives that can be implemented in time to prevent further degradation of our environment. We encourage all types of alternative forms of energy. But the fact remains, that the only large-scale, readily available, renewable liquid fuel is ethanol. This is something that no one can dispute.

Congress knows it, consumers know it, and the world knows it. All we can say about 2002 isbring it on!