Lubrizol acquires KABO Chemicals, Inc.

By Ethanol supplier stronger, better equipped for glo | February 01, 2002
Kabo Chemicals, Inc., longtime chemical supplier to the ethanol industry, was acquired by Lubrizol Corporation last month. Cheyenne, Wyo.-based KABO will continue to specialize in the development, manufacture and sale of antifoam and defoaming agents to the food, fermentation, mining and wastewater industries. There will be no personnel changes and Bob Hatch will remain president of the company.
Lubrizol is namely a "fluid technology company" concentrating on high-performance chemicals, systems and services.

"With this acquisition," said Kabo Chemicals Vice President of Operations Frank Magazine, "we will extend our coverage of the antifoamer and defoamer market internationally." KABO's sales, manufacturing and distribution centers west of the Mississippi complement Lubrizol's existing defoamer operations on the East Coast. In addition, KABO's product lines expand the defoamer offering and capabilities of Lubrizol's "fluid technologies," Magazine explained. Furthermore, Kabo will join forces with Rosschem, another U.S. chemical company recently acquired by Lubrizol, adding additional resources.

Kabo's Capabilities
Kabo Chemicals, in its new capacity as a Lubrizol company, has increasing capabilities to serve a multitude of industries, including the ethanol industry.

Specific to the needs of certain ethanol producers, KABO manufactures and markets specialized defoamers and antifoams, as well as de-scalants and anti-scalants that are heavily used in corn wet-milling and, to a lesser extent, in the dry-mill ethanol process. Antifoam chemicals are added during fermentation to keep foaming minimized and also to keep the broth as stable as possible. Defoamers "knock down" foam that has already formed. These chemicals are often custom designed for ethanol producing clients, Magazine said.

Anti-scalants are designed to prevent scaling (buildup) in the evaporator systems. And de-scalants are sometimes added to remove scale that is already built up.

According to Magazine, Kabo serves every major ethanol wet-mill in the U.S., with increasing business partnerships overseas.

"We recognize the ethanol industry is growing globally and we are building this division as an entity that serves customers on an international basis," Magazine said, adding, "Lubrizol is one of the newest members of the RFA - and Kabo is an existing RFA member. Together, we are maintaining a strong partnership with the ethanol industry. The ethanol industry is here to stay and we plan to remain closely involved every step of the way."